Da Pian: the Flavours of Treviso Since 1868

The Da Pian family has been producing cured meats and delicacies linked to the tradition of Treviso since 1868 and for four generations.
It does so with a focus on quality and abiding by the ancient practices for preparing cured meats.
Treviso is a land steeped in traditions, all linked to a natural way of life in the farmlands.
Da Pian products have all the great flavour typical of the “March of Treviso” area: wholesome, natural flavours that taste good – perfect for enjoying around the table with the right and good company.

“Senza” line, the natural choice

Da Pian’s “Senza” line offers a range of specialities with no polyphosphates and nitrites added to preserve the products.
It is a choice of wholesomeness, for the most natural product possible.

Da Pian offers a broad range of products,

from cured meats to prosciutto, from sopressa to pancetta, from roasts to speck,

a complete range of specialities divided into five tasty categories.