Da Pian’s tradition

The Da Pian family’s knowledge of the preparation of high-quality cured meats stems from the ancient tradition of the “Scuola dei Luganegheri” of Venice.

The Venetian Luganegheri

The luganegheri (from luganega: sausage in Venetian) was an important guild of sausage producers in the Venetian Republic (the “Serenissima”) of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In 1773 there were 53 shops doing business, 70 apprentices, 178 workers, and 175 master chefs.
Their business included slaughtering, packaging, and sale of pork. The luganegheri were the keepers of the secrets in the art of preparing pork. Secrets and traditions that, handed down from father to son, come to us today thanks to the industriousness and work of the Da Pian family.

The ancient premises of the luganegeheri school is located in Venice in the di Dorsoduro Sestiere.

Da Pian’s production

A cornerstone in the way Da Pian does its business is its respect for traditions, supported by a modern and constantly updated production process. Thanks to the work of its experienced staff and the use of cutting-edge production technologies, Da Pian ensures the highest levels of quality and food safety for its customers.

Traceability of meat products

The quality of the products of Salumificio Da Pian starts with the raw material, meat that come only from carefully selected farms in the territory and that are among the best in the European community, where the animals are raised in the best possible conditions and are fed with products that do not contain genetically modified ingredients. They are slaughtered in compliance with the standards laid down by applicable regulations and processed according to the typical recipes of the Treviso and Veneto regions. Da Pian’s quality can be traced through all stages of production, from the raw material to the consumer’s table, because it is subject to strict procedures so as to guarantee the pleasure of authentic Italian specialities.

Certified Quality

The Da Pian cured meat factory runs under a certified quality system; HACCP procedures are applied in all phases of production. In addition, the company has achieved the prestigious IFS certification.
The IFS (International Food Standard) aims to promote an effective selection of food suppliers for private-labelling by the large-scale retail trade, based on those supplier’s ability to provide safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements. The IFS is a recognized model both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Il Buon Gusto Veneto

Da Pian is a member of “Il Buon Gusto Veneto”, the network of Veneto-based agri-food companies that promotes local DOP, DOC and DOCG products.
The association’s mission is to make these products accessible to a broad target and to support traditions and craftsmanship in an increasingly complex and multi-faceted market.

The Da Pian production chain

The entire production chain runs within the company: from the initial processing of first-rate meats in the portioning sector, to the preparation of specialities where, by simply adding salt, spices and herbs, we produce top-quality cured meats for the pleasure of the most demanding customers.

Meat selection and portioning

Experienced and specialized operators select the meat in specially prepared premises, with the utmost attention, to provide a product with high-quality standards, in line with Da Pian’s corporate philosophy.

Adding natural flavors

Da Pian meats are seasoned with a mixture of aromatic herbs, a pinch of salt and spices, and no additives and preservatives.
The trussing is done by hand by our expert artisans.


Da Pian’s products are cooked in a low-temperature oven for a very long time (14-18 hours) in order to preserve the meat’s nutritional properties. Smoking is done only using certified beech wood.


Products are vacuum-packed with polyethylene film. This process ensures a shelf-life of 50 days from production.


Products are delivered by Da Pian vehicles or by relying on qualified carriers who provide a service that is compliant with applicable regulations.

Tasting Da Pian

The Da Pian specialities are ideal for tasting in good company that appreciates their utmost wholesomeness. Wholesome flavours and natural relationships: with Da Pian an evening with friends or family gains a sincere flavour, as sincere as the character of the people of Treviso, always ready to seize the best and the joys of life.

In the heart of the "March of Treviso"

The Da Pian cured meat factory is located in Silea, just outside Treviso. We are in the centre of the “March of Treviso”, a land rich in traditions, all linked to the natural way of living in the country.

Where to taste Da Pian

Da Pian products can be found in the best food speciality stores. We supply them to companies that specialize in distribution and sales throughout Italy: cash & carry stores, caterers, wholesalers, and retailers. There is a shop for private customers at our headquarters in Silea and in its “tasting room” you can savour all our specialities, accompanied by good wine and in good company.